Set Hugging Face Access Token

Before working with GenAI Studio to create models, you will need to set up your Hugging Face token. This token is used to import datasets and load models from Hugging Face as well as push models to Hugging Face.

Gaining Access to the Llama 2 Model
To gain access to Llama 2, first visit the Meta website and request access to Llama using the same email address you use for your Hugging Face account. Upon approval, navigate to the Llama 2 model card and submit a request to Hugging Face to enable your access. Once both requests are processed, you will be able to work with the Llama 2 model with GenAI Studio.

Create a Hugging Face Account

  • If you don’t already have a Hugging Face account, you can create one here.

How to Set Up Your Hugging Face Access Token

Generate a New Token

  1. Go to Hugging Face, and sign in to your account.
  2. Select on your Profile icon.
  3. Select Settings > Access Tokens.
  4. Select New Token.
  5. Input the following:
    • Name: GenAI Studio
    • Role: Choose write if you want to upload your models to Hugging Face; otherwise, choose read.
  6. Select Generate Token.
  7. Copy the token to your clipboard.

Set Your Token in GenAI Studio

  1. In the GenAI Studio GUI, select your Profile icon.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Input your token in the Hugging Face Token field.

The token is saved automatically.