Release Notes Highlights for MLDM


July 5, 2024

  • Feature: You can now create pipelines in Console using jsonnet-compatible pipeline templates.
  • Enhancement: Console now displays more information in the side panel for repos and pipelines, including the pipeline’s active workers and parallelism spec.
  • Enhancement: Several web-responsive improvements have been made to Console: the side-panel now supports responsive sizing, and the DAG view side panel tab headers become scrollable on small screen sizes.
  • Fix: Action buttons in the sidebar now become dropdown ellipsis menus when resizing the sidebar to a narrower size.
  • Fix: When trying to download a single file, the file browser will download the file instead of opening the file in a new tab
  • Fix: Correctly configured custom TLS certificates in Console.
  • Fix: Improved our consistent hashing algorithm’s use of locking.


June 18, 2024

  • Enhancement: Editing Project and Cluster Metadata is now available in Console.
  • Enhancement: pachctl is now available in Determined notebooks.
  • Fix: Resolve an unexpected file loading error when opening multiple files in the Jupyter extension explore view.
  • Fix: Pachyderm Clients are now correctly loaded into Determined notebooks.


June 1, 2024

  • Enhancement: Editing Commit and Repo Metadata is now available in Console.


May 5, 2024

  • Feature: For enterprise customers using MLDM (Pachyderm) & MLDE (Determined) in a combined cluster environment, the MLDE Notebooks now include support for the Jupyter Pachyderm extension by default.
  • Feature: You can now set up and maintain metadata on your HPE Machine Learning Data Management artifacts. This includes clusters, projects, repos, branches, and commits.
  • Enhancement: The blog storage configuration attribute GOCDK_ENABLED is now set to true by default in your Helm chart values; in 2.11.0 the option to disable it will be removed.
  • Enhancement: The Console UI has undergone several improvements, including:
    • Improved file browsing experience
    • Improved DAG visualizations
      • Interactive DAG edge highlighting
      • Distinguishing colors and/or patterns based on pipeline types
      • Enhancing the ability to understand more about connections by their edges (like joins)
      • Visual indications of parallelism for pipelines when spec calls for it and when running
    • Pipeline and repo table paging


April 24, 2024

  • Enhancement: Colors in the Console’s file browser have been improved for accessibility.
  • Enhancement: Console’s callback page now properly redirects to the original page after login instead of redirecting to the home page (/).
  • Enhancement: The visualization of the DAG in Console have been improved for better sizing and scaling with your browser window.
  • Fix Resolved a bug where pipeline and job statuses were not correctly displaying.


April 10, 2024

  • Enhancement: Updated to Go 1.22.2 and latest x/net.
  • Enhancement: Upgraded to Envoy 1.27.4


April 10, 2024

  • Enhancement: Updated to Go 1.22.2 and latest x/net.
  • Enhancement: pinned Pachyderm-SDK versino to >=2.8.0<2.9.0 for the Jupyter Mount Extension.
  • Enhancement: Upgraded to Envoy 1.27.4


April 10, 2024

  • Enhancement: Updated to Go 1.22.2 and latest x/net.
  • Enhancement: Upgraded to Envoy 1.27.4
  • Fix: Resolved issue in Console where proxy port caused issues with downloading files.
  • Feature: Added new args to debug dumps. You can review the full debug template by running pachctl debug template in the CLI.
Full Default Debug template



March 25, 2024

  • Enhancement: Refactored the Console’s Explore View.
  • Enhancement: You can now adjust the Refecth Interval rate for Console in the Helm Chart.
  • New Feature: You can now set roles on the Cluster level from within Console.


March 13, 2024