Blob/Object Storage

You can enable blog/object storage for HPE Machine Learning Data Management by updating the section in your Helm chart. The necessary configuration options depend on your chosen blob storage provider.

Before You Start

  • You should be familiar with the storageURL options in goCDK related to your blob storage provider.
  • You should have the necessary credentials and permissions to create a bucket or container in your blob storage provider.

How to Set Up Blob Storage

  1. Navigate to your values.yaml file or obtain your current Helm values.yaml overrides:
    helm get values pachyderm  > values.yaml
  2. Add the following fields to your values.yaml file:
        gocdkEnabled: true 
        storageURL: "s3://my-bucket" or "gs://my-bucket" or "azure://my-container"
  3. Update the storageURL to include provider-specific configuration options as needed; for options, see the related goCDK packages.
  4. Save your changes and upgrade your cluster:
    helm upgrade pachyderm pachyderm/pachyderm -f values.yaml


Some configuration settings such as verifySSL may not be passable via the storageURL as query parameters. In such cases, you can use the section to set these options.