Set Cluster Defaults

You can set global defaults for your cluster from the Console UI that are passed down to all pipeline specs. These defaults provide a consistent experience for your data scientists and help manage your cluster.

Before You Start

  • You must have a running HPE Machine Learning Data Management cluster and access to the Console UI, either locally our via IdP
  • Read the Global Config for more information global defaults

How to Set Cluster Defaults

  1. Log in to Console
  2. Navigate to the Project Dashboard homepage.
  3. Select Cluster Defaults.
  4. Input your desired default Pipeline Specification (PPS) settings in JSON format.
     "createPipelineRequest": {
       "resourceRequests": {
         "cpu": 1,
         "memory": "256Mi",
         "disk": "1Gi"
       "sidecarResourceRequests": {
         "cpu": 1,
         "memory": "256Mi",
         "disk": "10Gi"
  5. Optionally select the Prettify button to make the JSON more readable.
  6. Select Continue.
  7. Choose from one of the following options:
    • Save Cluster Defaults
      • Only new and edited pipelines apply the new defaults
      • No pipeline regeneration or datum reprocessing occurs
    • Save Cluster Defaults and Regenerate Pipelines
      • Only pipelines with impacted specs are regenerated
      • Previously processed datums are not reprocessed
    • Save Cluster Defaults, Regenerate Pipelines, and Reprocess Datums
      • Only pipelines with impacted specs are regenerated
      • Previously processed datums are reprocessed
  8. Select Save.

How to View Cluster Defaults Applied to a Pipeline

In addition to viewing Cluster Defaults from the Project Dashboard page, you can also view them from a pipeline.

  1. Log in to Console.
  2. Scroll to a project you wish to inspect and select View Project.
  3. Select a pipeline from the DAG.
  4. Select Pipeline Actions > Update Pipeline.
  5. Select the Cluster Defaults tab.
Cluster Defaults that have been overridden by user inputs have a user icon next to them in the Effective Spec view.