Get Metadata

Once a pipeline has finished a job, you can access additional execution metadata about the datums processed in the associated meta system repo. Note that all the inspect datum information above is stored in this meta repo, along with a couple more. For example, you can find the reason in meta/<datumID>/meta: the error message when the datum failed.

See the detail of the meta repo structure below.


A meta repo contains 2 directories:

  • /meta/: The meta directory holds datums’ statistics
  • /pfs: The pfs directory holds the input data of datums, and their resulting output data
pachctl list file edges.meta@master

System response:

/meta/     dir  1.956KiB
/pfs/      dir  371.9KiB

Meta directory

The meta directory holds each datum’s JSON metadata, and can be accessed using a get file:


pachctl get file edges.meta@master:/meta/002f991aa9db9f0c44a92a30dff8ab22e788f86cc851bec80d5a74e05ad12868/meta | jq

System response:

  "job": {
    "pipeline": {
      "name": "edges"
    "id": "efca9595bdde4c0ba46a444a5877fdfe"
  "inputs": [
      "fileInfo": {
  "hash": "28e6675faba53383ac84b899d853bb0781c6b13a90686758ce5b3644af28cb62f763",
  "stats": {
    "downloadTime": "0.103591200s",
    "processTime": "0.374824700s",
    "uploadTime": "0.001807800s",
    "downloadBytes": "80588",
    "uploadBytes": "38046"
  "index": "1"

Usepachctl list file edges.meta@master:/meta/ to list the files in the meta directory.

Pfs Directory

The pfs directory has both the input files of datums, and the resulting output files that were committed to the output repo:


pachctl list file montage.meta@master:/pfs/47be06d9e614700397d8d56272a1a5e039df82bf931e8e3c9d34bccbfbc8b349/

System response:

NAME                                                                          TAG TYPE SIZE
/pfs/47be06d9e614700397d8d56272a1a5e039df82bf931e8e3c9d34bccbfbc8b349/edges/      dir  133.6KiB
/pfs/47be06d9e614700397d8d56272a1a5e039df82bf931e8e3c9d34bccbfbc8b349/images/     dir  238.3KiB
/pfs/47be06d9e614700397d8d56272a1a5e039df82bf931e8e3c9d34bccbfbc8b349/out/        dir  1.292MiB

Use pachctl list file montage.meta@master:/pfs/ to list the files in the pfs directory.