Global HCVs


The Global section configures the connection to the PostgreSQL database. By default, it uses the included Postgres service.


    # postgresqlUsername is the username to access the pachyderm and dex databases
    postgresqlUsername: "pachyderm"
    # postgresqlPassword to access the postgresql database.  We set a default well-known password to
    # facilitate easy upgrades when testing locally.  Any sort of install that needs to be secure
    # must specify a secure password here, or provide the postgresqlExistingSecretName and
    # postgresqlExistingSecretKey secret.  If using an external Postgres instance (CloudSQL / RDS /
    # etc.), this is the password that Pachyderm will use to connect to it.
    postgresqlPassword: "insecure-user-password"
    # When installing a local Postgres instance, postgresqlPostgresPassword defines the root
    # ('postgres') user's password.  It must remain consistent between upgrades, and must be
    # explicitly set to a value if security is desired.  Pachyderm does not use this account; this
    # password is only required so that administrators can manually perform administrative tasks.
    postgresqlPostgresPassword: "insecure-root-password"
    # The auth type to use with postgres and pg-bouncer. md5 is the default
    postgresqlAuthType: "md5"
    # If you want to supply the postgresql password in an existing secret, leave Password blank and
    # Supply the name of the existing secret in the namespace and the key in that secret with the password
    postgresqlExistingSecretName: ""
    postgresqlExistingSecretKey: ""
    # postgresqlDatabase is the database name where pachyderm data will be stored
    postgresqlDatabase: "pachyderm"
    # The postgresql database host to connect to. Defaults to postgres service in subchart
    postgresqlHost: "postgres"
    # The postgresql database port to connect to. Defaults to postgres server in subchart
    postgresqlPort: "5432"
    # postgresqlSSL is the SSL mode to use for pg-bouncer connecting to Postgres, for the default local postgres it is disabled
    postgresqlSSL: "prefer"
    # CA Certificate required to connect to Postgres
    postgresqlSSLCACert: ""
    # TLS Secret with cert/key to connect to Postgres
    postgresqlSSLSecret: ""
    # Indicates the DB name that dex connects to
    # Indicates the DB name that dex connects to. Defaults to "Dex" if not set.
    identityDatabaseFullNameOverride: ""
  # imagePullSecrets allow you to pull images from private repositories, these will also be added to pipeline workers
  # Example:
  # imagePullSecrets:
  #   - regcred
  imagePullSecrets: []
  # when set, the certificate file in pachd-tls-cert will be loaded as the root certificate for pachd, console, and enterprise-server pods
  customCaCerts: false
  # Sets the HTTP/S proxy server address for console, pachd, and enterprise server.  (This is for
  # traffic leaving the cluster, not traffic coming into the cluster.)
  proxy: ""
  # If proxy is set, this allows you to set a comma-separated list of destinations that bypass the proxy
  noProxy: ""
  # Set security context runAs users. If running on openshift, set enabled to false as openshift creates its own contexts.
    enabled: true