Beginner Tutorial:
Create a Repo & Upload Data

Part 3: Create a Repo & Upload Data

Now that we have our video-to-frame-traces project, we’ll need to create a raw_videos_and_images repo to store our data. This repo will be used by several different pipelines to process and compare data in different ways.

Create an Input Repo

Upload Content

To upload content, you need to specify the repo and branch you’d like to upload to (e.g., a master or staging branch). In Console, it automatically defaults to repo@master — but for PachCTL, you’ll need to use the repo@master:filename.ext pattern.

By default, your pipeline will trigger any time new data is uploaded to the master branch unless otherwise specified in the pipeline spec at input.pfs.branch or through a branch trigger. For this tutorial, we’re going to stick with the default master branch.