Inspect a Pipeline

You can inspect a pipeline via PachCTL or the Console. When you inspect a pipeline, you can see key details such as its input configuration, output configuration, and transformation image/command details.

How to Inspect a Pipeline

pachctl inspect pipeline <pipeline-name>

Example output:

Name: regression
Description: A pipeline that trains produces a regression model for housing prices.
Created: 4 weeks ago 
State: running
Workers Available: 1/1
Stopped: false
Parallelism Spec: <nil>

Datum Timeout: (duration: nil Duration)
Job Timeout: (duration: nil Duration)
  "pfs": {
    "project": "standard-ml-tutorial",
    "name": "housing_data",
    "repo": "housing_data",
    "repoType": "user",
    "branch": "master",
    "glob": "/*"

Output Branch: master
  "image": "lbliii/housing-prices:latest",
  "cmd": [
  "datumBatching": true
  1. Open the Console UI.
  2. Navigate to the project containing the pipeline.
  3. From the DAG view, select the pipeline name. A slideout panel appears with three tabs you can inspect: Job Overview, Pipeline Info, and Spec.
inspect pipelines in console