Copy Files

Sometimes you need to be able to copy files between branches. This can be especially useful if you want to commit data in an ad-hoc, disorganized manner to a staging branch and then organize it later.

When you run copy file, HPE Machine Learning Data Management only copies references to the files and does not move the actual data for the files around.

How to Copy Files Between Branches

  1. Start a commit:
    pachctl start commit data@master
  2. Copy files:
    pachctl copy file data@staging:file1 data@master:file1
    pachctl copy file data@staging:file2 data@master:file2
  3. Close the commit:
    pachctl finish commit data@master
While the commit is open, you can run pachctl delete file if you want to remove something from the parent commit or pachctl put file if you want to upload something that is not in a repo yet.