The Push Images Flag

The --push-images flag is one way to improve development speed when working with pipelines.

The --push-images flag performs the following steps after you have built your image:

  1. In your local registry, generates a unique tag for the image named after the transform.image field of your pipeline spec.

    You must build your image with your username as a prefix (example: pachyderm/example-joins-inner-outer) – This name must match the one declared in the transform.image field of your pipeline spec.
  2. Pushes the Docker image, with the tag, to your registry

  3. Updates the image tag in the pipeline spec json (on the fly) to match the new image

  4. Submits the updated pipeline to the HPE Machine Learning Data Management cluster

The usage of the flag is shown below:

pachctl update pipeline -f <pipeline name> --push-images --registry <registry> --username <registry user>