Before You Start

Configuration Steps

  1. Install the MinIO client as described on the MinIO download page.
  2. Verify that MinIO components are successfully installed by running the following command:
    minio version
    mc version
    System Response:
    Version: 2019-07-11T19:31:28Z
    Release-tag: RELEASE.2019-07-11T19-31-28Z
    Commit-id: 31e5ac02bdbdbaf20a87683925041f406307cfb9
  3. Set up the MinIO configuration file to use the S3 Gateway port 30600 for your host:
    vi ~/.mc/config.json
    You should see a configuration similar to the following. For a minikube deployment, verify the local configuration:
    "local": {
                "url": "http://localhost:30600",
                "accessKey": "YOUR-PACHYDERM-AUTH-TOKEN",
                "secretKey": "YOUR-PACHYDERM-AUTH-TOKEN",
                "api": "S3v4",
                "lookup": "auto"

Verify Setup

Check the list of filesystem objects on the master branch of the repository raw_data.

mc ls local/master.<repo>.<project>