Console HCVs


Console is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for HPE Machine Learning Data Management. Users that would prefer to navigate and manage through their project resources visually can connect to Console by authenticating against your configured OIDC. For personal-machine installations of HPE Machine Learning Data Management, a user may access Console without authentication via localhost.


The following section contains a series of tabs for commonly used configurations for this section of your values.yml Helm chart.

  # enabled controls whether the console manifests are created or not.
  enabled: true
  annotations: {}
    # repository is the image repo to pull from; together with tag it
    # replicates the --console-image & --registry arguments to pachctl
    # deploy.
    repository: "pachyderm/haberdashery"
    pullPolicy: "IfNotPresent"
    # tag is the image repo to pull from; together with repository it
    # replicates the --console-image argument to pachctl deploy.
    # defaults to .Chart.AppVersion
    tag: ""
  priorityClassName: ""
  nodeSelector: {}
  tolerations: []
  # podLabels specifies labels to add to the console pod.
  podLabels: {}
  # resources specifies the resource request and limits.
    #  cpu: "1"
    #  memory: "2G"
    #  cpu: "1"
    #  memory: "2G"
    reactAppRuntimeIssuerURI: "" # Inferred if running locally or using ingress
    reactAppRuntimeRefetchInterval: 0 # Data refresh interval in milliseconds. If set to 0, will use the internal default value.
    oauthRedirectURI: "" # Infered if running locally or using ingress
    oauthClientID: "console"
    oauthClientSecret: "" # Autogenerated on install if blank
    # oauthClientSecretSecretName is used to set the OAuth Client Secret via an existing k8s secret.
    # The value is pulled from the key, "OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET".
    oauthClientSecretSecretName: ""
    graphqlPort: 4000
    pachdAddress: "pachd-peer:30653"
    disableTelemetry: false # Disables analytics and error data collection

    annotations: {}
    # labels specifies labels to add to the console service.
    labels: {}
    # type specifies the Kubernetes type of the console service.
    type: ClusterIP