Set Up and Manage an AWS EC2 Cluster

GenAI Studio can be installed on a cluster that is hosted on an AWS EC2 instance.


Before you start, you must meet the following prerequisites.

Machine Learning Development Environment Prerequisites

AWS Account Prerequisites

Supported GPUs

GenAI Studio supports the following instance types:

  • A100 - 40GB (p4d.24xlarge)
  • V100 - 16GB (p3.16xlarge)
  • T4 - (g4dn.12xlarge)

See also: Supported hardware reference.

Set Up det deploy

To access the Determined core det deploy CLI tool, you may choose the official versions or latest developer versions.

Official Versions

Latest Developer Versions

To set up det deploy using the latest developer versions, first install the developer version of the CLI tool and then use it to deploy to AWS. For additional information, you can visit installation from source.

  • Clone the determined-ai/core repository.
 git clone
  • Go to the main branch
cd determined && git checkout main
  • Install the determined package from the source.
cd harness && pip install .

Additional Arguments

Apart from the official det deploy instructions and args, consider these additional arguments for deploying GenAI Studio:

  • deployment-type genai: This is used for deploying GenAI Studio services and configurations.
  • genai-version (optional): This option allows you to choose a specific version by replacing latest with one of the image tags available in the DockerHub repository.
  • compute-agent-instance-type (optional): This option enables you to choose a specific instance type. Refer to the Supported GPUs section on this page for more information.

Verify the Installation

To verify the installation, navigate to GenAI Studio: