Medical Transcripts Classification:
Test Model


This step involves loading and testing your fine-tuned classification model on a sample to verify its performance. Following this, you can either integrate the model into your applications or continue to refine it in the snapshot playground.

Part 5: Test Fine-Tuned Model

  1. Navigate to the Snapshots tab of your project.
  2. Select a saved snapshot.
  3. Select Manage model and select your fine-tuned model.
  4. Provide a sample medical transcript to test the model in the prompt section.
  5. Select Generate.
  6. Review the output to ensure the model is performing as expected.

Additional Testing

  • For a comprehensive evaluation, consider testing the model with a new dataset to further assess its performance.


  • You have successfully loaded and tested the fine-tuned medical transcripts classification model.
  • The output has been reviewed to confirm that the model performs effectively according to your expectations.