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Push to HF

Push a Fine-tuned Model to a Hugging Face Repo

Finally, we’ve iterated on our model and we’re pretty happy with it. Let’s push it to a Hugging Face repository, making it accessible to the wider community.

  1. Navigate to your project.
  2. Select the Models tab.
  3. Select the Ellipsis icon and choose Push to Hugging Face from the dropdown.
  4. Input the required fields, including your Hugging Face Repo Owner Name.
  5. Select whether you want the model to be private or public.
  6. Select Push to Hugging Face.

You can also download your model.

Pushing a model to Hugging Face can take several minutes to complete, depending on the size of the model. Once the process is complete, you can view your model on Hugging Face.

What’s Next?

Perfecting your model’s responses involves both science and art. It’s often a process of trial and error. To further enhance your model’s accuracy and adapt it to more complex scenarios, consider the following steps:

  • Experiment with different datasets: Sometimes, the key to improvement is using a more diverse or domain-specific dataset.
  • Use a different base model: Different models have strengths in various types of tasks; experimenting can lead to better performance.
  • Craft more detailed prompts: The way you ask your model to perform tasks can greatly influence its accuracy and output quality.
  • Fine-tune the model: If you have the capability, fine-tuning the model with specific examples or a refined dataset can lead to significantly better performance.


You've successfully completed the Push Your Fine-Tuned Model to HF.