Customer Complaints Classification:
Test Model


Now comes the exciting part! You’ll get to load your fine-tuned classification model and see it in action on a sample test.

Afterwards, you can also either download the fine-tuned model for use in your applications or feed the tuned model back into the snapshot playground for further fine-tuning.

Part 5: Test Fine-Tuned Model

  1. Go to the Snapshots tab of your project.
  2. Select your snapshot where you linked the dataset.
  3. Open the model properties and then select your fine-tuned model.
  4. Select Generate.
  5. Review the output to ensure the model is performing as expected.

Consider testing the model with various inputs to fully understand its capabilities and limits. This step is essential for ensuring the model’s robustness and accuracy.


  • Test the Fine-Tuned Model: You loaded and tested your fine-tuned model to evaluate its performance. This step confirmed whether the model met the expected standards of accuracy and efficiency.