Launch Notebook (CLI)

You can launch a notebook that includes the Lore SDK and all the necessary dependencies from your IDE or terminal. Launching a notebook through the CLI also includes some working examples and helpful utilities (

How to Launch a Notebook

  1. Clone the Lore repository from GitHub.
    git clone
  2. Create a new virtual environment and activate it.
    python -m venv ~/.genaistudio
    source ~/.genaistudio/bin/activate
  3. Install The Determined CLI.
    pip install determined
  4. Set the DET_MASTER environment variable to the URL of your cluster and add port :8080.
    export DET_MASTER=<your-cluster-url>:8080
  5. Sign in to your cluster.
    det user login
  6. Navigate into the lore/examples directory.
    cd lore/examples
  7. Start a notebook.