Client Initialization (Start Here)

The Lore package enables you to interact with the GenAI Studio API.

1. Installation

The Lore package should come pre-installed when you launch a JupyterLab notebook from your hosted GenAI Studio instance. To launch a notebook, see Launch Notebook CLI.

2. Import the Client

from lore.client import Lore
# Base Types 
import lore.types.base_types as bt # (bt.Dataset, bt.Model, bt.PromptTemplate)

3. Provide Required Configuration Settings



4. Initialize the Client

lore = Lore(host=GEN_AI_ADDRESS)
lore.login(credentials=(GEN_AI_USERNAME, GEN_AI_PASSWORD), mlde_host=GEN_AI_ADDRESS)

Next Steps

Now you have an authenticated client that is ready to interact with the GenAI Studio API. At this point, you can load or create a workspace.